An Adoptee Centric Therapy Practice

Trauma and Adoption Competent Therapy in Maryland, Virginia, DC, South Carolina, and West Virginia

Welcome to Blue Ridge Therapy services! We are a small practice located in Leesburg, Virginia. We provide adoption competent therapy (focusing on developmental trauma, adoption, and identity). We specialize in treating anxiety, depression, and trauma.

Blue Ridge Therapy Services was created as practice where all people can feel safe and welcome. Too often adoptees and other marginalized folx feel unsafe in spaces that should feel safe (like church or the doctor’s office).

Each of our therapists are affirming and committed to anti-racism work. We are welcoming of ALL people, ALL identities. love working with teens, young adults and their families, especially providing therapy for transracial and international adoptees. You can learn more about our founder’s story here. As adoption competent therapists, we help work through some stuck spots that are unique to adoptees and their families. Finding a therapist that you feel like you click with can be a stressful process, you may be curious about what we could work on together. Give us a call for a free consultation to see if we’re a good fit: 703-775-4102 or click the button to schedule!